Quail man

Celery on my kitchen window… I am growing a few items on my window in the kitchen in a desperate attempt to see something living and green every day. I have lettuce, celery, and green onions growing now. I will be adding another pot with celery tomorrow. We have started to consider the option of … Continue reading Quail man


I was looking around my bathroom after spending some time in the kitchen and I realized I had accidentally achieved a goal that I set for myself years ago. I wanted to become more self-reliant. I wanted to do more for myself, but I wasn’t sure how I defined that. So things started off slowly, … Continue reading Accidentally

Negative Five

It is getting colder here in the Midwest. Tomorrow promises to be worse and I could think of nothing better than to make biscuits and gravy from scratch for supper. I like this recipe because it is rustic and the biscuits turn out light, fluffy, and rich. They only have six ingredients and they are … Continue reading Negative Five