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3 thoughts on “404 Health Not Found”

  1. I was always so excited as a kind when I saw them advertising the be dazzler. I also wished someone would buy it for me but sadly no one did although I have thought about going on ebay a few times to try to find one. I’m glad you had fun and I would love to see the finished sweatshirt.

    1. There are TONS of them available on Ebay. There’s even a smaller verson of the BeDazzler that has two pieces, but I feel like this older model is more stable. I had so much fun using it and interestingly enough, Hobby Lobby sells BeDazzler refills! I found some colors and varieties that I haven’t seen in Hobby Lobby but they do have a few choices! 🙂 I have several projects that I’m excited about doing with my new toy and I hope to share them all here!

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