Last Week

Here is what last week was supposed to look like: Apparently that was an overly optimistic view of what was actually going to happen. Here’s what last week really looked like: Saturday I was lucky enough to have eleven wonderful people in the Pink Nightmare to pull down wallpaper and cook out. And now my … Continue reading Last Week

TV Free

Summer is coming quickly and for us that means hard work and exhaustion. So in order to keep up with my chores, (and my sanity) I have decided to spend one week per month without television. For me this will be especially difficult as there are many shows I enjoy that are getting ready to … Continue reading TV Free

The garden

This little piece of land is currently growing us a whole ton of food. This year we are growing cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, an heirloom purple Tomato, tomatillos, eggplants, bell peppers, jalapeños, habenero peppers, Ghost Peppers, Trinidadian Scorpion Peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, green beans, Zucchini, yellow squash, Butternut squash, spaghetti squash, and herbs. It’s going … Continue reading The garden

Phase 1

We have all the papers signed for the trailer, and we have visited many hardware stores in an attempt to make a list of all the things we want to do with the Pink Nightmare™. Phase 1 of our plan includes pulling down the wallpaper, pulling up the carpet, and painting. After this, we plan … Continue reading Phase 1

Good news!

While not everyone would call this good news, we consider the following announcement to be amazing news. We bought a trailer. To be more specific, we bought a 1986 Shultz trailer. To call the decor outdated would be an understatement. But between the low cost of making the cosmetic upgrades and the cost of living, … Continue reading Good news!